One of the world's best-known Italian pianists of his generation, Cesare Picco is piano improviser, composer and writer as comfortable among the sounds of a baroque orchestra as he is among electronic beats.

He is Yamaha Artist and Decca Artist.

Cesare Picco 2024

His music reflects an array of influences ranging from classical composers to contemporary artists, highlighting a deep appreciation for melodic narratives and atmospheric storytelling: a profound blend of classical traditions with modern electronic elements, creating a unique, emotionally resonant style that speaks to the spiritual and introspective aspects of life.

Cesare is the inventor of “BLIND DATE - Concert in the dark” (2009) an experimental concert - unique in the world - in with both artist and audience are soaked in real darkness.

Taking his music around the world since 1986, he has written for orchestras such as Moscow State Symphony Orchestra, Berlin Chambers Soloists, I Virtuosi Italiani and created special projects related to the world of Art such as for the New York Whitney Museum, Tokyo Hara Museum of Contemporary Art, Milano Hangar Bicocca.

He performed in theatres such as Milano Teatro Alla Scala, Rome Auditorium, Singapore Old Parliament, Hanoi Opera House, Al Maidan Centre Kuwait City, Kolkata Tagore Centre, Baghdad National Theatre, Bangkok Macm Auditorium and in festivals such as Delhi Jazz Festival, Tokyo Jazz Festival, Abu Dhabi Festival, Mantra Festival Madrid, Umbria Jazz.

“The Last Gate” (2021) and “Sky Tales” (2023) are the latest album released on Decca Records.


Amadeus | Italy

La sua natura è innestare, sperimentare ed esplorare nuovi territori attraverso la tastiera, che sia un pianoforte a coda o un clavicordo. Incontro con un artista che ama cambiare rotta.

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Mail Today | India

Picco plays for a mesmerising 45 minutes, unleashing gorgeous piece upon piece - the last time this writer saw such a quiet and still audience was when Nobel Prize winning author J.M.Coetzee had read at Jaipur Literature Festival earlier this year.

Asahi Shimbun | Japan 

An original beautiful touch of classic and the improvisation of jazz style music starts the evening. As light returns some audience were moving their bodies to the rythm and some covering their eyelids to wipe away their tears.

The Shillong Times | India

From subtle and soft tones to powerful fortissimo chords, it was a display of magical virtuosity. In some passages, his fingers moved in a blur over the keyboard, drawing spontaneous bursts of applause from the audience. 
With each piece, the audience was instinctively drawn into the intensity of the compositions. You could close your eyes and be carried away by the cascading tides of evocative notes.

Emirates News Agency Wam | UAE

Cesare Picco dazzled the audience in the capital. The fans of classical music immensely enjoyed Picco's unique musical compositions and vibrant improvisations that validated his flair with the piano. The concert attendees witnessed Picco's remarkable technique of playing live improvisations that elevated the art of experimental piano renditions and reinforced its excellence on an international level.

Hanoi News | Vietnam

As with most of Picco’s performance work, the audience is impulsively and emotionally drawn into the compositions by the pianist’s physical intensity, an intensity that sometimes made me close my eyes and be carried away on an evocative tide of notes.

Il Sole 24 Ore | Italy

Picco è un improvvisatore puro, è soltanto quello che suona e come lo suona. Un concerto di Picco vale sempre un viaggio anche da lontano. Gli intenditori lo ascoltano con attenzione particolare, perché sono consapevoli che un musicista in grado di frantumare insieme nel proprio linguaggio creativo Gyorgy Ligeti. Johann Sebastian Bach, Thelonious Monk e John Coltrane.

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