BLIND DATE - Concert in the Dark

BLIND DATE - Concert in the Dark is an original immersive project, created in 2009 by Cesare Picco. It explores the depth of sound and opens up a new possibility of feeling music with all others senses, taking away light and leaving only total darkness throughout the theatre.

In terms of new discoveries within oneself BLIND DATE - Concert in the Dark represents a new way to confront or listen to music.

In the darkness Cesare Picco activates an altered state in which all the senses concur to create music that has never existed before.

For the audience, this performance activates the most intimate and remote listening source.

The power of sound is made palpable with all the senses: you lose your sense of time and space, you begin to play with your fears, joys, memories and feelings.

Since 2009, Cesare Picco has brought almost 100 “Concerts in the Dark” around the world, amassing a valuable and unique experience that only this show can bring to audiences.

Some of the venues

  • Tokyo Hara Museum of Modern Art
  • Roma Auditorium Parco della Musica
  • Milano Hangar Bicocca
  • Bogotà Colombia - UC Teatro
  • Lugano Switzerland - Teatro Cittadella
  • Cremona Auditorium Arvedi
  • Napoli Teatro Bellini
  • Bari Teatro Petruzzelli
  • Bologna Teatro Duse
  • Milano Conservatory of Music
  • Milano Teatro Dal Verme


Concept by Cesare Picco, © 2009

  • “And as light returns some audience were moving their bodies to the rhythm and some covering their eyelids to wipe away their tears.”

  • “In the dark, Picco discloses music’s profoundness.”

  • “When music evokes emotions in complete darkness.”

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